Jaw Couplings & Elements

tyre couplings

Tire Couplings are designed to provide excellent shock absorption while reducing torsional oscillations and vibration which can result in extending the life of the machinery equipment. These are flexible mechanical devices that connect rotating shafts, transmitting torque while dampening vibrations. Comprising rubber or elastomer elements, they offer resilience, misalignment tolerance, and noise reduction in machinery.

tyre coupling elements

Tyre coupling elements, typically made of resilient materials like rubber, serve as crucial components in mechanical power transmission systems. Installed between rotating shafts, they absorb shocks, dampen vibrations, and compensate for misalignments, ensuring smooth and reliable operation. This flexibility enhances machinery lifespan by reducing wear and tear, making tyre coupling elements essential for optimizing performance and minimizing maintenance in various industrial applications.

Flexible twin-sphere expansion joints

Flexible twin-sphere expansion joints are vital components in piping systems, providing flexibility to absorb thermal expansion, vibration, and misalignment. Comprising two spherical elements joined by a flexible connector, these joints accommodate movement, preventing stress and damage. Widely used in pipelines for industries like petrochemical and HVAC, they enhance system durability, maintain integrity, and ensure efficient fluid flow.

Flexible union joints

Flexible union joints play a crucial role in piping systems, facilitating versatile connections between pipes. Constructed with flexible materials, they absorb vibrations, mitigate thermal expansion, and accommodate misalignments, enhancing system durability. Commonly used in industrial settings, these joints contribute to efficient fluid flow, ease of installation, and reduced maintenance, ensuring adaptability and reliability in a variety of applications.

Single sphere rubber expansion joint

Single sphere rubber expansion joints, vital in piping systems, absorb thermal expansion, vibrations, and misalignments. Composed of flexible rubber, they reduce stress on pipes and equipment, enhancing system longevity. Widely applied in HVAC, chemical processing, and water treatment, these joints facilitate efficient fluid conveyance. Their material composition ensures durability and adaptability, minimizing maintenance needs and safeguarding system integrity across various industrial applications.

centaflex coupling set

CENTAFLEX-AM is a highly flexible coupling, built for connecting marine gear output flanges with a propeller shaft, while isolating the boat hull from noise and vibration. The CENTAFLEX-AM provides backlash-free transmission of torque and propeller thrust using a highly flexible rubber element and thrust bearing.

Drive Shaft Flex Joint

Consisting of no internally moving parts, the flex joint's job is to absorb vibration and allow for minor movement and misalignment of a rotating drive or prop shaft where it connects from a transmission or to a differential.

centaflex elements

It is designed to reduce noise and minimize vibrations, ensuring less wear and tear on surrounding equipment. Built to damp torsional vibrations and shock loads, the CENTAFLEX-AGM tolerates angular deflections of up to 3 degrees. These torsionally flexible couplings dampen vibrations, accommodate misalignments, and protect machinery from shock loads. Comprising rubber elements and metal hubs, they transmit torque smoothly.

Rubber/Metal Joints

These joints typically consist of a combination of rubber and metal components, offering flexibility and dampening vibrations in mechanical systems. They provide a reliable connection between rotating shafts, accommodating misalignments and reducing stress on connected equipment. FC01140 Rubber/Metal Joints are commonly used in various industrial applications, contributing to improved performance and durability in flexible coupling setups

T-Cushion Elastomer UCW Coupling

The T-Cushion Elastomer UCW Coupling is designed for straightforward construction, ensuring a swift and effortless installation process. Is suitable for connecting two coaxial, frequent starting, reversing the changes, low speed, small power transmission, high reliability requirements of shafting parts, not suitable for heavy load and axial size restrictions, parts of the two axis of difficulties in the replacement of the elastic component.

Flexible NM Coupling Rubber Elements

The NM coupling finds its utility in various applications, serving to transmit power to industrial machinery like pumps, gearboxes, compressors, blowers, mixers, and conveyors. Comprising two hubs and a flexible ring, this coupling is designed to effectively compensate for all forms of shaft misalignments.

Lovejoy Standard Jaw Coupling

Lovejoy Jaw style couplings are versatile for industrial power transmission, finding application in compressors, blowers, pumps, conveyors, mixers, gear boxes, and more. Their adaptability makes them suitable for various machinery, ensuring efficient and reliable performance in diverse settings.

NM Coupling full set

These couplings, requiring no lubrication, offer dependable service across light, medium, and heavy-duty electrical motor and internal combustion power transmission applications. They excel in transmitting power to industrial equipment like pumps, gearboxes, compressors, blowers, mixers, and conveyors, ensuring reliable performance across diverse applications.

ROTEX coupling set

ROTEX couplings are torsionally flexible and engineered for reliable torque transmission, ensuring fail-safe operation. They efficiently dampen and reduce operational vibrations and shocks. The design features two congruent coupling halves with concave claws on the inside, peripherally offset by half a pitch in relation to each other.

Aluminium ROTEX Coupling set

The aluminum jaw coupling is a lightweight and durable power transmission component. Its design features two hubs with three curved jaws that interlock to transmit torque efficiently. This coupling is suitable for various applications, providing flexibility and damping vibrations. The aluminum construction ensures corrosion resistance and strength while maintaining a lightweight profile for ease of use in diverse industrial settings.

HRC rubber elements

HRC couplings consist of two halves with a rubber "spider" between them, serving as a shock absorber. This flexible element dampens vibrations and accommodates misalignments, enhancing the coupling's reliability and performance.

GR coupling elements - PU type

These elements feature a polyurethane construction that provides flexibility, dampens vibrations, and accommodates misalignments. The PU material ensures durability and resilience, making the coupling suitable for diverse machinery such as pumps, compressors, and conveyors. With their robust design and shock-absorbing properties.

Lovejoy spider coupling element

Lovejoy jaw coupling spider is made of Nitrile rubber for transferring and absorbing shock loads. It is ideal for use in various industrial power transmission applications such as compressors, blowers, pumps, conveyors, mixers, and gear boxes.

rotex spider coupling element

The Rotex Spider coupling element is a crucial component in Rotex couplings, designed for effective power transmission. It features a spider made of flexible elastomer material, placed between two coupling hubs. This spider absorbs shocks, dampens vibrations, and accommodates misalignments, ensuring smooth and reliable torque transmission. The Rotex Spider coupling element is versatile, finding applications in various industrial machinery, providing flexibility and durability for optimal performance in power transmission systems.

MT Plum Coupling element

The MT Plum Coupling is a precision-engineered component used in power transmission systems. Its design incorporates an elastomeric insert with a unique geometry that facilitates torque transmission while dampening vibrations. This coupling accommodates misalignments and provides a reliable connection between shafts in machinery such as pumps, compressors, and conveyors. The MT Plum Coupling's robust construction and efficient damping properties contribute to its versatility and effectiveness in ensuring smooth and efficient power transmission in various industrial applications.