Safety & Auto Accessories

safety coverall

A safety coverall is a one-piece garment designed to provide full-body protection for workers in various industries. These coveralls are made from durable materials and often feature long sleeves, full-length pants, and a front zipper for easy wear. They are worn to shield individuals from workplace hazards such as chemicals, dust, dirt, heat, and other potentially harmful substances, contributing to overall worker safety in diverse industrial settings.

tire pressure gauge

A tire pressure gauge is a tool designed to measure the air pressure inside a vehicle's tires. It is a compact device, available in various designs, including digital and analog versions. By placing the gauge on the tire valve stem, users can obtain an accurate reading of the tire pressure, usually displayed in pounds per square inch (PSI) or bar.

Welding gloves

Welding gloves are specialized hand protection gear designed for welders working with various welding processes, such as arc welding, MIG welding, or TIG welding. These gloves are crafted from durable materials like leather or heat-resistant fabrics to shield hands from sparks, heat, and molten metal. Welding gloves provide not only thermal insulation but also abrasion and puncture resistance, safeguarding welders against potential workplace hazards. Their design often includes extended cuffs for wrist and forearm protection. Properly chosen welding gloves are essential for ensuring the safety and comfort of welders during their work.

Hand Gloves

Hand gloves for industrial workers are crucial safety gear, offering protection from workplace hazards. Crafted from durable materials like leather, latex, or nitrile, these gloves provide resistance to abrasions, chemicals, and cuts. Essential in various industries, they ensure the safety and well-being of workers, preventing injuries during diverse industrial tasks.

Safety helmets

Safety helmets are vital protective gear worn by workers in various industries. Constructed with a hard outer shell and an impact-absorbing inner lining, they provide head protection against falling objects, impacts, and electrical hazards. These helmets play a critical role in ensuring workplace safety, reducing the risk of head injuries in diverse industrial environments.

safety harness

A safety harness is an essential piece of personal protective equipment designed to protect individuals working at heights. It consists of straps, buckles, and connectors that secure around the body to prevent falls. Safety harnesses distribute forces across the body, ensuring proper support and minimizing the risk of injury during activities like construction, roofing, or climbing. They are a fundamental component of fall protection systems.

Reflective Stickers

Reflective stickers in red, yellow, and white enhance visibility and safety in various settings. These weather-resistant stickers feature reflective material that reflects light, making objects visible in low-light conditions. Commonly used on vehicles, helmets, and signage, these stickers contribute to accident prevention and improved awareness, especially during nighttime or low-visibility situations.

Reflectors & Beacon lights

Reflector is a safety device designed to signal stopping points or hazards. Typically red in color and featuring reflective elements, it enhances visibility during low-light conditions. Commonly used in traffic control and industrial settings, stop reflectors serve as visual cues to alert individuals to halt or proceed with caution. A beacon light is a signaling device designed for visibility over long distances. Typically featuring a bright and rotating light, it is commonly used in various applications such as emergency vehicles, construction sites, maritime navigation, and industrial settings. Beacon lights serve as prominent visual indicators, alerting people to potential hazards or signaling specific information from a distance.

Safety glasses

Safety glasses in black and clear variations are protective eyewear designed for different conditions. Clear lenses offer standard eye protection, suitable for general tasks, while black or tinted lenses provide additional glare reduction and sun protection. Both variants shield the eyes from impact, debris, and harmful UV rays, ensuring safety in various work environments.

Safety shoes

Safety shoes are specialized footwear designed to protect the feet in various work environments. These shoes typically feature reinforced toes, puncture-resistant soles, and additional safety elements to guard against impact, compression, and other hazards. Common in industries such as construction, manufacturing, and logistics, safety shoes provide crucial protection for workers against workplace-related foot injuries.

Water pumps

Water pump is a reliable and efficient device designed for various water transfer applications. Known for its durability and performance, this pump features a robust engine that delivers consistent and powerful pumping capabilities. Ideal for agricultural, construction, and emergency use, the Honda water pump ensures reliable water movement, making it a trusted choice in diverse settings.

Diaphragms & Intercooler Hoses

Diaphragms typically made of rubber. Positioned within the brake booster, it aids in amplifying brake pedal force by creating a vacuum, enhancing brake fluid pressure for efficient braking. Intercooler silicone hose turbo: High-performance, heat-resistant silicone hose with turbo-specific design, ensuring efficient air cooling and optimal turbocharged engine functionality.

Accessories & Spare parts

Water pump spare parts, including the impeller, cylinder head, and recoil starter, are vital for maintenance and repair. The impeller ensures efficient water movement, the cylinder head maintains pressure, and the recoil starter facilitates easy engine ignition, collectively ensuring the longevity and optimal performance of water pump systems.

Diesel transfer pump & Flexible joint

It is used in the construction and agriculture industries, as a first installation on earthmoving machines or to equip mobile dispensers on vehicles or construction site vehicles. A flexible joint, incorporating a double-sided flange braided hose, is a versatile connection that absorbs vibrations and accommodates misalignments in piping systems. The braided hose enhances durability, ensuring reliable fluid conveyance.

spark plug

A spark plug is a vital engine component that generates an electric spark, igniting the air-fuel mixture in the combustion chamber. This ignition process is essential for efficient engine operation.


Tarpaulin for dump trucks is a heavy-duty covering made of durable material designed to secure and protect the cargo within a dump truck bed. It prevents spillage, protects against weather elements, and ensures safe transportation of materials during dumping and transit.

strap wrench & Chain wrench

A strap wrench is handy for most household projects. You can use it for knobs, pipes, and anything cylindrical. The chain wrench may be used for tightening the threaded workpiece on a threaded coupler or used for loosening the threaded workpiece on the threaded coupler. The chain wrench includes a chain wrench body with the front of wrench body having a plurality of teeth for releasably engaging and gripping of the workpiece.

Cabin jack (cabin tilt cylinder)

The hydraulic cylinders facilitate the extension or retraction process, as per the intended direction of the cab's movement. With the extension of the hydraulic cylinders, the cab can be conveniently tilted forward, providing quick and easy access to the engine bay for performing maintenance, repairs, or inspections.

Pressure jet washer gun

A pressure jet washer gun is a handheld device used in conjunction with a pressure washer to deliver a powerful stream of water for cleaning various surfaces. It typically features an ergonomic design, a trigger mechanism to control water flow, and adjustable nozzles for different pressure settings, making it versatile for cleaning tasks in residential, commercial, and industrial settings.

Safety jackets / Reflective vests

Reflective vests are high-visibility garments designed with reflective materials, ensuring wearers are easily visible in low-light conditions. Commonly used in construction, traffic control, and outdoor work, these vests enhance safety by making individuals more noticeable, reducing the risk of accidents in dimly lit or high-traffic areas.


Mudflaps, also known as splash guards or mudguards, are protective panels installed behind vehicle wheels. Typically made of rubber or plastic, they prevent mud, water, and debris from being thrown onto the vehicle's body or other vehicles, enhancing safety, cleanliness, and protecting against potential damage. They are commonly used on trucks, trailers, and other large vehicles.

hydraulic axial pump / piston pump

The hydraulic pumping system channels hydraulic fluid into the cylinder via a unidirectional valve, Also is a specialized device used in hydraulic systems to generate fluid flow by axial movement of pistons within a cylinder. The one-way valve ensures fluid movement into the cylinder, preventing escape. This system effectively handles heavy loads placed on it while maintaining precise control over fluid flow for various applications.

cabin pumps

A cabin pump for a tilt cylinder is a hydraulic component designed to control the tilt movement in vehicles, such as forklifts or construction machinery. It efficiently supplies hydraulic fluid to the tilt cylinder, enabling the operator to control the tilting motion of the equipment's cabin for improved functionality and maneuverability.

Master cylinder

The clutch master cylinder is a crucial component in hydraulic clutch systems of vehicles. It converts mechanical force from the clutch pedal into hydraulic pressure, transmitting it to the clutch slave cylinder. This hydraulic action disengages and engages the clutch, allowing for smooth gear changes in manual transmissions.

Air Spring / air suspension spring

An air spring is a flexible, inflatable component used in vehicle suspension systems. It replaces traditional coil or leaf springs and relies on compressed air to provide support and cushioning. Commonly found in trucks, buses, and some luxury vehicles, air springs enhance ride comfort, load-carrying capacity, and adaptability to varying road conditions.

Hydraulic tanks

Hydraulic tanks are reservoirs that store hydraulic fluid in hydraulic systems. These tanks serve multiple purposes, including storing fluid for the system, allowing air separation, and dissipating heat generated during hydraulic operations.

Air duster & Electric coil

An air duster is a pressurized canister releasing compressed air, used to remove dust and debris from electronics and delicate surfaces. An electric coil trailer assembly includes a coiled cable designed for electrical connections between a trailer and a towing vehicle. This flexible and organized assembly facilitates the transmission of power and signals, ensuring proper functioning of lights and other electrical components on the trailer during towing.

Metal Bellows Expansion Joints

Metal Bellows Expansion Joints are elements that protect the gas system by compensating for expansion, contraction, vibration, bending and similar movements occurring in gas pipelines and installations. They have high temperature and corrosion resistance due to their stainless materials and stainless materials.

Air drain valve & tire inflator nozzle

Air drain valve manual is a hand-operated valve designed for releasing trapped air from a system. Commonly used in compressed air systems, these manual valves allow operators to control the expulsion of air. A tire inflator nozzle is a device attached to an air hose for inflating tires, featuring a secure connection for efficient and precise air delivery.

Battery terminals and cables

Battery terminals and cables are crucial elements in a vehicle's electrical system, connecting the battery to the vehicle's electrical components. Regular maintenance ensures proper functioning, starting, and overall electrical performance.