Pneumatic Actuators

Pneumatic Actuators

QSB International Trading W.L.L. is a leading Pneumatic Actuator dealer.  We have established a quality benchmark for Pneumatic Rotary Actuators. Our actuators are CE approved and we have gained the trust of our buyers and certificates from ATEX and SIL in the actuator industry. We have a highly experienced and qualified team of engineers for design and quality maintenance as well as user safety and cost-efficient rotary actuators.

Pneumatic Rotary Actuator Double Acting As Per ISO 5211

Pneumatic Rotary Actuator Single Acting As Per ISO 5211

Pneumatic Rotary Double Acting Actuator 180 Degree Rotate

Pneumatic Rotary Single Acting Actuator 180 Degree Rotate

Scotch & Yoke Single Acting Double Decker Pneumatic Actuator

Aluminum Scotch & Yoke Pneumatic Rotary Actuator

Pneumatic Rotary Actuator Stainless Steel 304

Pneumatic Rotary Actuator 3 Position Actuator

Pneumatic Scotch Yoke Actuator

Pneumatic Actuator Mechanism

There are many types of pneumatic actuators available but two of the functionality actuators are most common.

1. Single Acting Pneumatic Actuator
2. Double Acting Pneumatic Actuator

The single-acting actuator is also known as the spring return actuator because there is a spring and it needs only one sided compressed air supply. The compressed air pushes the actuator to either open or close. When the air supply stops, the spring pushes the actuator to its earliest position. The double acting actuator needs two sided air supply to open and close it. The pneumatic air system is cost efficient, spark free, and sustainable in hazardous and flammable environments compared to other energy sources.


We manufacture our products from standard materials and also follow standard criteria for their best performance. We use only high quality graded materials and total in-house manufacturing, hence boasting of a quantitative as well as a qualitative production.

Pneumatic Actuator Benefits

The pneumatic Actuator rotates 90° to 180° to operate the valve with just the compressed air. Hence, it has a low cost and low maintenance, which saves electricity and gives a fast movement compared to the motorized actuators. The Pneumatic actuators are spark free, making them easily usable in a hazardous environment and safe for atomic plants. It has smooth working without any extra noise.

Our Pneumatic Actuator’s Quality

As mentioned above we use only high graded materials to manufacture our products and for maintaining a top-notch product’s quality, we have a quality department, experts, and engineers who test each product in our lab before their delivery. We are also open and glad to welcoming a third party inspection (TPI) from our customers.


  • Single Acting and Double Acting Rack & Pinion SIL 3, ATEX, CE Approved Actuators validated for 5,00,000 cycles
  • Hard anodized Aluminium body also available in Stainless Steel version
  • ISO 5211 mounting pad in all Rotary Actuators for easy mounting
  • A long list of torque range up to 1,10,000NM
  • All automation accessories manufactured by us, such as Limit Switch, Positioner, FR, etc.

Selection of an appropriate Actuator

During the selection of a single acting “aira” actuator, increase 25% of the required torque value for an acceptable safety factor. If you need 120NM torque to drive a valve, you have to increase it by 25% -152NM for safety. While selecting a double acting  actuator, you need to increase the torque value by 15% for an acceptable safety factor. The safety factor depends on the media passing through the valve.

Rack and Pinion actuators

For rotary motion and these actuators are also available for 180°. Aira makes Single and Double acting Scotch & Yoke actuators for rotational movement. These actuators have low friction sealings in combination with a high surface finish and permanent lubrication and bearings give the high efficiency. Aira offers a 3 Position actuator that provides 0°, 45°, and 90° or the random travel of the middle position.